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What it Means to Represent a Tennis Club

Being part of a team has a very special meaning. It is a very different experience from playing in individual tournaments.

The tennis player shares with the other members of the team the adrenaline involved in competition. We win or lose as a team, which means we can no longer only speak in the first person.

When we represent a tennis club, their name is on our shirt, and so we want to do our best for the good of the team, and for the common good of all. In a well-formed team, ego has no place, which means there is no place for big stars either. Here, what is actually important are those who bring their souls to the game.

A good interclub tennis player values and respects his or her teammates. He or she encourages them and also desires to be encouraged by them. He or she respects the coach or captain without making excuses, surrendering unconditionally.

A good interclub tennis player thinks about his or her club. If not, what would the point be? If one is going to think about him or herself and nothing but that, why be part of a team? Why play with others?

A good interclub tennis player loves his or her club.

Coach Guillermo Minutella

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