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About Minu Tennis

Minu Tennis was created by Guillermo Minutella, tennis coach, mental coach and former professional tennis player, with a long career at the international level.

The Mission of Minu Tennis is to:

Instruct and Educate Tennis Players

Offer informative, instructive and educational material to all tennis players, to help and ensure their evolution, and to forge better human beings.

Minu Tennis is a great help and guide for all tennis players who want to develop in an integral way.

Collaborate with Tennis Players, Tennis Coaches, Tennis Academies and Tennis Clubs

Collaborate with tennis players, tennis coaches, tennis academies and tennis clubs, spreading the program INTERNAL DEVELOPMENT FOR TENNIS PLAYERS, a great and original help for all tennis players.

Tennis is integral, it is technical, physical, tactical and mental. Technique and physique are important to reach a certain level and have good tools when competing. But in no way do they make the tennis player complete. Tactics is more important because it allows you to take better advantage of technique, since it is not just about hitting the ball well, tennis is much more than that. But the mental aspect is and always will be the most important part. It is precisely the level of internal evolution, which is crucial for optimizing one’s own performance.


Tennis is a challenge, FACE IT. Tennis is a game, HAVE FUN. Tennis is a game, DON’T CHEAT. Tennis is a school, LEARN. Tennis is a school, DON’T MISS. Tennis is experience, IMPROVE. Tennis is experience, LIVE IT. Tennis has rules, RESPECT THEM. Tennis is a fight, FACE IT WITH COURAGE. Tennis is a battle, BECOME A GLADIATOR. Tennis is also to share, GIVE SMARTLY. Tennis gives you surprises, ACCEPT THEM. Tennis is life, ENJOY IT. Tennis always gives you a NEW OPPORTUNITY. Tennis is waiting for you, LOOK FOR IT. Tennis is yours, TAKE THE CONTROL. Tennis is an opportunity, TAKE ADVANTAGE. Tennis is creativity, LEAVE THE ROUTINE. Tennis is comprehensive, ASSEMBLE YOUR PUZZLE. Tennis is evolution, MAKE A CHANGE. Tennis is simple, DON’T GET IT COMPLICATED. Tennis is now, DON’T POSTPONE IT. Tennis is winning and losing, PLAY.

About the Author:

Creator of Internal Development for Tennis Players (English and Spanish), How To Be A Better Competitor (English and Spanish), How to Focus on Tennis (English and Spanish), How to Improve Tactics in Tennis (English and Spanish) and Basic Tennis (Spanish).

In Juniors he was 1° in the city of Buenos Aires and 4° in Argentina.

In 1982 he began his professional and international career:

FRANCE: -30 in 1983-84-86-87-90-93.

BELGIUM: 15° in 1985-86.

TOP SERV (Grand Prix of Argentina): 1° in 1989-90-91-92.

ATP: 350° in singles. Participated in the professional circuit during 13 seasons.

He has tennis coach and sports psychologist official degrees.

He worked as coach and coordinator at different clubs in Argentina, France and Belgium. Currently he is a tennis coach in Luxembourg, at Tennis Club Sandweiler.

He was contributor in the magazine Temena (Buenos Aires, Argentina), writing articles about the national youth tennis.

He speaks Spanish, English, French, Italian and Luxembourgish.