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Tips to Be a Better Tennis Competitor – Approach it as a School of Life

Enhancing your success and learning from your own mistakes will help you progress as a tennis player. But also, your opponent, as well as the entire environment (your family, the public, the umpire, etc.) can contribute to your education as a tennis player. When the big tennis players end a tournament they make a habit of thanking the opponent, the organization, the public, etc. This gesture is often seen as a simple formality, but it doesn’t mean that it lacks sincerity. The obstacles that tennis competitors, as well as the environment in general, generate are great prerogatives that help you to level up. Overcoming these obstacles you will make you mature. After all, that is what it is about: to learn and keep improving. Even the best tennis players mention it in their interviews.

Begin to introduce the idea of learning into your mind, and you will learn from both the victories and the defeats. You will learn whenever you really want to do it, whenever you want to compete, and you don’t have to make the final result the only objective in sight. The real experience is the experience of your experience. You can play thousands of tennis matches and absorb little or nothing of them, or you can play a few tennis matches, and get the most out of them in order to evolve as a tennis player. Logically, the more matches you play, the better.

Coach Guillermo Minutella

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