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Tactical Tips for Tennis Players – 7 Simple Tips to Be a Good Tennis Player

To be a good tennis player, of course you need to develop a good technique, but that technique has to be accompanied by a simple and well-ordered tactic. It is very important that you give importance to tactic, and not only to hit the ball hard.

Hit each ball according to how you receive it. This is quite a mental exercise, this exercise can be a little difficult at the beginning, but once you get into the habit, your mind will get used to it and the pleasure of playing tennis will be bigger.

Here are 7 Simple but Very Useful Tactical Tips for You to Apply in Your Tennis Practice or Training:

Be a Consistent Tennis Player

Pass the ball over the net, making it to drop within the limites. It is the first tactic in tennis. In tennis, avoiding unforced errors is very important to be a consistent player. That way you can gain confidence in yourself. With time and practice, you will acquire other skills, such as direction, length, spin and power, But always trying to keep consistency.

Search for the Length of Your Shots

To play long or deep, the stroke should have a good follow through. Playing long or deep (between the service line and the base line) helps you so that the opponent cannot attack you easily. When you get him/her to the back of the court and you get a short ball, try to go forward and attack.

To avoid hitting it too long:

  • Keep good contact with the ball.
  • Add some spin.

Give Direction to Your Shots

Get the opponent out of his/her place, this will allow you to make him/her run and to start making him/her tired. If you move him/her from side to side, he/she could make more mistakes or leave a short ball and then you can attack. Try to open the game gradually, always keeping a margin of error. This way you will build the point with patience, instead of looking for the definition too soon.

Add Spin to Your Shots

Use spin. Playing with spin (topspin, slice) helps you to have more ball control. In the topspin the ball rotates forward and up, being widely used and effective on surfaces such as clay. In the slice the ball rotates backwards, being very useful on surfaces such as grass or carpet.

Add Power to Your Shots

When you master consistency, direction, length, and spin, you will be ready to speed up your shots. Power​​ comes spontaneously, without forcing it. It is the consequence of a correct technique, a good contact point, and also a high level of relaxation.

But Always Remember: Try to Keep Consistency !!

Put Technique at the Service of Tactics

Whether you have a basic, intermediate, or advanced technique, put technique at service of tactic. That is, think carefully about what to do with each of the shots you have.

In each practice, in each training, give importance to each shot, to each ball you hit. Each ball you hit should have a meaning, instead of hitting at full power without reason, or just because great tennis champions hit it hard. If you manage to do it during training, by going to a tournament match, your mind will be well trained and ready for action.

Great tennis champions never hit the ball just for hitting it. Focus on tactic, develop your own tactic, build your own game pattern; and at the same time continue to work on your technique so that your level of play continues to evolve.

Become an Unpredictable Tennis Player

If you want your game to be more efficient and become a truly dangerous player, work to make your shots unpredictable.

Develop a technique capable of hiding the direction, angle and power of the ball. Even if you have the initiative, it will be very important that you do it. But even more if you do not manage to overcome your opponent, because by hiding your shots you will be able to surprise your opponent at the right moment.

Like every skill you want to acquire, always start by putting it into practice in training.

Coach Guillermo Minutella

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