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2 Very Important Concepts to Develop a Correct and Effective Tactic in Tennis

Space and Time, Time and Space

Why do I say space and time, time and space? Because one goes with the other. In order for you to be in control of the situation and the point, there is not one that is more important than the other, both are so important and are not always taken into account. Whether you are an aggressive, attacker, neutralizer or defensive player, you should always work tactically to maintain control of space and time. 

If you are an aggressive player, try to take the ball as early as possible, to take time from the opponent, also open the angles that you can and combine in the best way to create space. Creating space you will make the opponent run as many steps as possible, and if on top of creating space you take the ball early and in front, you will take time from the opponent.

If you are a neutralizer player, you should also work to control time and space.

If you play against an aggressive or attacker player, you will have to control that time and space, starting with not taking the ball late so that the opponent does not completely overcome you. Because even though your opponent has more power than you, you can make him/her run and move on the court. Although it may seem like a lie, that is possible to achieve, beyond the opponent hitting the ball harder than you, you can still have control of the situation and the point. It is possible that your opponent does not understand very well what is happening, because if he/she hits the ball better and harder, he/she creates good angles, and on top of that he/she makes you run, why then are you the one who controls the situation? Controlling the situation is not just about hitting the ball harder. You can have control of the game and play with less power than the opponent. You can also play with more power, hit the ball harder and better than your opponent, and although you create good angles and aesthetically play correctly, not being in control of the point or the situation.

Ball Speed ​​Variation

Do not always play at the same pace. Change the rhythms, change the angles, change the spin, change the length, change the height, Change! Do not force yourself to change all the time because it is impossible, but change as soon as possible so that your opponent does not get used to always receiving the same type of ball. That way, taking less risk on each of your shots, you will have a more efficient game, that way the opponent will make more mistakes, that way you will play more relaxed, with greater patience. Because in reality patience has to do with variation, because while you wait for the moment you build the point, while you build the point you wait for the right moment to end the point, and by varying is how you can better wait for the moment.

If you play all the time the same, if you always hit the same way, you will lose your patience more easily, especially if you are looking to play with a lot of power and win the point with a winner shot. The winner shot is more effective if you have varied before executing it, if you have disturbed the opponent before executing it, than if you are looking for it permanently. Open your mind, try to see clearly what you are doing, and you will see how you will relax more and the game will be much more fun.

Coach Guillermo Minutella

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