How to Focus on Tennis

Are You a Tennis Player Looking for a Simple and Original Concept on How to Focus on Tennis?

Do You Want to Find Out How?

Here I Show You a Clear and Simple Way to Achieve it

Who I am?

Guillermo Minutella
Former ATP player, current professional tennis coach and mental coach

HOW TO FOCUS ON TENNIS presents a selection of articles that are inspired by true feelings and ideas about tennis. It’s a sport in which everyone can participate: children, teenagers, youth, adults, and seniors.

HOW TO FOCUS ON TENNIS addresses different topics, such as sportsmanship, an athlete’s humanity, and the objectives he or she sets. It also touches on other complementary and enriching topics, such as doubles and team competition.

HOW TO FOCUS ON TENNIS uses, as examples, some of the greatest champions. Those, who through their ethics, show us that we can be both winners and good competitors at the same time.

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HOW TO FOCUS ON TENNIS will help you to:

  • Build your own approach, your own tennis philosophy.
  • Achieve a more positive sports attitude.
  • Find more support collectively.
  • Find a clear and simple way to focus on tennis.
  • Cultivate mental clarity and optimism, essential to enjoy your favorite sport.
  • Go across the road of tennis evolution with sportsmanship. Great and true champions show the good example.

All this material, carefully and methodically synthesized, I am giving it to you to make the way easier.

Remember This

All the effort you do to improve your technique, tactics or physical condition, is not enough, is not enough to win. It is not enough and it will never be.
But if you start to change internally, tactical, technical and physical aspects will gradually shine. You will take more advantage of them.

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