Some teenagers are fully devoted to studying, and therefore, think that they don’t have time to play sports. Others simply disregard sports because they have different hobbies or interests. Then, there are those who go to the extreme of devoting themselves fully to competitions, and dream of becoming famous professionals that will one day earn a lot of money. And, yes, there are also those who are looking for a healthy balance. This balance can be very enriching, both physically and psychologically, and can expose the adolescent to a healthier environment. Whether or not he or she competes, growing up practicing sports helps one’s personal development in a surprising way. With a healthy tennis practice, an adolescent can alleviate the pressure of studying long hours. It also helps to keep him or her motivated, while keeping him or her away from dangerous environments. Getting involved in tennis can also help with personal development. Finally, being able to overcome challenges on the court can also be beneficial to one’s studying and can be a great complement to other activities. So I ask, what better way is there to develop all these skills than by practicing tennis?

Coach Guillermo Minutella


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