When a child enrolls in a tennis school at a club, he or she begins a new experience, in which he or she has the chance to discover him or herself and to see how much he or she is capable of.
Because of this, the first tennis classes can be key. If he or she likes them, the rest will depend on his or her environment (tennis coach, parents, and classmates, for example), as they can support the new tennis player in his or her enthusiasm.
If everything goes well in the tennis classes, and he or she decides to continue playing tennis, he or she will be able to work on developing mechanical skills, coordinating the body with the racket and ball. They will also stimulate his or her concentration, since he or she will have to pay attention to the tennis coach’s instructions and the ball, all while playing tennis with other mates. And finally, as he or she will learn tennis by playing with other children, it will help him or her with social integration. Aside from the fact that tennis is an individual sport for the most part, it is recommended that the child learn tennis in a group setting. Why? In addition to the social aspect of it, the group format will give them all a healthy opportunity to compete.
Being young is a wonderful time in life, as having fun is the priority. It is important that adults understand this concept, so as not to discard the spontaneous joy that arises from children’s hearts. That joy is not conditioned yet by “pressure;” it is simply linked to the pleasure of playing tennis. This is a crucial point for a child, as a happy child today will become the happy tennis player of tomorrow.

Coach Guillermo Minutella


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